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Our environmental commitment

Our environmental commitment

What is the HEV certification ?

The HEV certification is a French certification label. Its aim is to identify and support farms who set environmentally respectful actions up. This certification has three levels and Domaine Belle Mare is at the highest level.

It’s a voluntary promise whose aim is to incorporate and develop biodiversity within the wine estate. This certification’s goal is to tend toward an autonomous and less degrading agriculture toward our environment. Then, biodiversity is protected thanks to the use of natural mechanisms and resources. 


Before managing to get this certification, the environmental impact of the estate has been evaluated. Thanks to this evaluation, we were able to implement a tangible action plan about what needed to be done. This action plan contains actions like reasoned management of pesticide, of water or ground conservation with less weeding.

Regularly, an independent certifying body comes to check the well application of the action plan.

The certification is renewed every 3 to 5 years. This allows us to reevaluate the wine estate and to set a new action plan. Then, we can go further into environmental protection.

Our wines come from a biodiversity preservation’s process which promotes sustainable farming.

Choose HEV certified products and engage yourself into the construction of a greener future.


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3 new Medals

3 new medals for domaine de Belle Mare: Gold medal at Paris 2020 for DUO rosé 2019 Gold medal at Mundus vini for The Rivage white 2019 Silver medal at Mundus vini for the Rivage red 2019